Wishing You A Delicious and Spicy 2013!

Happy New Year From New Delhi Restaurant

Happy New Year from everyone at New Delhi Restaurant!

May the coming year be filled with  love, laughter and warm memories.

Some of the highlights from our year are reaching a long-term Compassionate Chefs Cafe goal and bringing children from India to San Francisco to perform and meet their American counterparts.

We also celebrated our 25th anniversary this year!
Filling the restaurant with old and new faces was a pure delight and we’re looking forward to another 25 wonderful years.

One of our professional highlights was hosting the Indian Event Trends showcase at San Francisco City Hall.
Nothing is better than filling a beautiful space with excited people and showing off the best of India.

We look forward to creating more great memories with you in 2013! Please “like” us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest events for 2013.

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner!

Hot Gourmet Hors dʼOeuvres
Bari Pakora: Vegetable fritters

Hariyali Tikka: Chicken barbecued in a tangy mint and cilantro marinade

New Delhi Dinner
Murg Akbari: An exotic preparation of chicken with cashews and raisins simmered in a blend of mild spices
Karahai Gosht: A flavorful lamb curry cooked in North Indian spices
Paneer Makhani: Housemade paneer cooked in tomato cream sauce and seasoned with fenugreek leaves
Kali Dal New Delhi: Slow simmered black lentils with ginger and tomatoes
Peas Pullao: Saffron flavored Basmati rice with green peas
Accompanied with Nan bread

Chilled Rice Pudding with Alfanso Mango Float
Masala Chai: Indian milk tea flavored with cardamom


Hot Gourmet Hors dʼOeuvres
Bari Pakora: Vegetable fritters

Vegetable Samosas: Turnovers filled with lightly spiced potatoes

New Delhi Dinner
Chana Masala: Punjabi style spicy garbanzo seasoned with onions, cilantro and cumin
Alu Palak: Spinach cooked with potatoes and seasoned with garlic
Paneer Makhani: House-made paneer cooked in tomato cream sauce and seasoned with fenugreek leaves
Kali Dal New Delhi: Slow simmered black lentils with ginger and tomatoes
Peas Pullao; Saffron flavored Basmati rice with green peas
Accompanied with Nan bread

Chilled Rice Pudding with Alfanso Mango Float
Masala Chai: Indian milk tea flavored with cardamom

Both Menus: $40 per person, tax, tip and one drink included. Make your reservation here. We look forward to welcoming 2013 with you and the rest of our New Delhi Family!

Thank you from the New Delhi Restaurant Family

Our 25th anniversary was a monumental moment in the life journey of New Delhi Restaurant.

Your friendship and support is very important in this on going journey. We have also raised close to $4500 for the kids of Compassionate Chefs Cafe through this celebration.

Please send me a friend request on FaceBook so that we can keep in touch with updates of happenings.
Here is the FaceBook link of the posted picture album of the event.

Closed for Lunch

New Delhi Restaurant will be closed for lunch on Nov. 7.  We’ll be doing a little pre-holiday cleaning and will re-open for dinner at 5:30.

See you then!

25th Anniversary Invitation from New Delhi Restaurant

25 years ago…

5 years ago…

Who will be there in 2012?

To RSVP, click here

Compassionate Chefs Cafe in association with New Delhi Restaurant presents...Bollywood Dance Party

Sunday, November 18, 2012 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm
New Delhi Restaurant and Bar

160 Ellis St, San Francisco

Phone: 415.397.8470

This event is our gift to you. We are hoping this will influence you to help uplift the lives of less fortunate children both at the Tenderloin After School Program and at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

Pay as much as you like, suggested donation is $40 per person.

For validated parking park at APM Parking, 261 Ellis Street,
located between Mason and Taylor.

Buff Your Karma

New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating its 25th anniversary by transforming into the Compassionate Chefs Cafe. Our goal has always been to help kids become citizens of the world by connecting kids
across the street in the Tenderloin of San Francisco with kids across the ocean at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. Please join us in this celebration to help us help the kids become global citizens.

How To Donate

This is a Pay-it-Forward event and we only ask that you donate what you feel moved to give. Suggested donations are $40 per person. All funds are split evenly between the Tenderloin Afterschool Program
and the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Compassionate Chefs Cafe keeps back nothing for operating expenses; all goods and services are donated.
Your donation is fully tax deductible. (Non-Profit Tax ID 94-3136771)

Feast Your Eyes and Ears

DJ Amar & Electric Vardo Live

Entertainment for the evening will be provided by Electric Vardo Live featuring DJ AMAR with dance performances by DholRhythms. Also sharing their talents for the evening are henna artists from Henna Gardens and beauty queens from the Miss Asian America Pagent. Event photography will be provided by Anita Mokashi Photography and Gustavo Fernando.


Henna Garden.com

Miss Asian America

Anita Mokashi Photography
Feast Your Tastebuds

Gourmet food and fabulous libations! Enjoy Chef Ranjan’s non-stop ten course gourmet Indian buffet, featuring delicacies and delights, desserts and drinks. On the table you will discover bari pakoras, mini samosas, Hariyali Tikka, Seekh Keebab, Murg Akbari, Gulab Jamun along with lots along with lots of other delicious goodies.

Bring an appetite, leave happy.

Who You’ll Help

The kids from TASP and EKATVA come together with music and laughter this past May.

Compassionate Chefs has a long tradition of helping kids both across the street in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and across the ocean in the Gandhi Ashram of Ahmedabad. This year we achieved one of our long-term goals of helping less fortunate kids become citizens of the world by bringing kids from India to the United States.

Sixteen kids from the slums of Ahmedabad got to tour America, perform before thousands of people and meet kids from the Ternderloin After School Program right here in San Francisco. This was a goal Compassionate Chefs had set from the very beginning and we were thrilled to reach it with your help.

Our next project is to send kids from San Francisco to Ahmedabad. We have a date of late 2014 as our goal and the fundraising begins right now. As always, 100% of money raised goes to the kids, with nothing held back for expenses and all donations are tax deductable. We are grateful for your continuing support.

Across The Street

The Tenderloin After School Program was created to give the kids of the Tenderloin a safe place to be after school while their parents worked. They provide snacks, homework help, activities and other support to over 200 children.
TASP is proud of their first class of “graduates” – kids who have been in the program and are now entering college, some are the first in their families to attend. To learn more about the Tenderloin After School Program, visit their website.

The kids head to New Delhi Restaurant for lunch and lots of dancing.

Across the Ocean

More dancing and proof that hiphop is the universal language of kids.

About 1 out of every 6 human beings on this planet lives in a third world slum. Slum life has many challenges including heavy population density, poor infrastructure, low income, illiteracy, scarcity of food, and a diverse array of health and sanitation issues, amongst the many others.

The EKATVA children are ambassadors of the potential and spirit of those 1 billion human beings around the globe who must constantly struggle to overcome difficulties and challenges that arise from their lack of resources. But yet there is hope.

Through this journey we hope to spread seeds of goodness and compassion throughout the world and inspire our global citizens to serve and care for those in need. More about EKATVA.

Delhi Digest: September 2012

Curries, Chutneys and Cocktails

Curries, Chutneys and Cocktails are here! New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating late-summer seasonal produce with their new monthly tasting menu. Take a culinary adventure exploring seasonal and organic corn, spinach, peaches and strawberries created with Kashmiri Mild Curry Blend by Chef Ranjan Dey. A vodka-infused Ginger Peach Cocktail can round out your dinner.

A taste of late summer is being served now. Get a peek at the menu here. (.pdf format)

Like us on Facebook and get $2 off your seasonal tasting menu!

Non Stop Bhangra is holding another party  – with a guest DJ!

Non Stop Bhangra welcomes Bikram Singh, one of the most popular and talented performers in the Bhangra industry. He will be headlining with a live set promoting his latest album “Bik I Am”, produced in collaboration by UK powerhouse producers, Tigerstyle! The night will begin with a Bhangra dance lesson and performances by Dholrhythms Dance Company followed by Bikram Singh’s live set. The music will continue with NSB DJ’s Jimmy Love and Rav-E along with live Dhol players. Outside, the summer air will fill your senses with the aroma of scrumptious Indian food provided by New Delhi Restaurant. Henna artists will decorate the palms of the beautiful women ready to celebrate. Capture the moment and the colorful experience at the photo booth. So much more than just a club night, Non Stop Bhangra is one of a kind cultural experience only found in the Bay Area.

Find out about the flash mob, tickets and how to win free stuff here.

New Delhi Restaurant: Famous in the US and India

Indian celebrity journalist Vinod Dua of India NDTV’s “A Taste Of India” has been traveling throughout the US, eating at great places and interviewing interesting chefs. Of course, he had to have lunch with Ranjan and meet the cooks at New Delhi Restaurant.

Find out more.


Ranjan has the floor

Ranjan will be MCing the Star Chef Contest on behalf of WomenNow TV at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Oct 6th.
Come out and see what the Bay Area Asian chef community is cooking up. There will be great food to sample and great ideas to try out in your kitchen.
Details here.

Bollywood Dance Party – just say the word

Bollywood (fusion word from Bombay and Hollywood) music and dance has become the most popular international entertainment. Usually set to catchy beat, these scintillating numbers portray the fusion of several dance form. This is a new genre of dance that is making its presence more strongly felt in modern day parties.

Your Bollywood Dance Party comes complete with our in-house DJ, sound system, dance directions and optional Bollywood movie screening along with the heart thumping and blood pumping dance music. It is a magical and memorable night where you can boogie Bombay style. More info here.

Save the Date for New Delhi’s Silver Anniversary

This year New Delhi Restaurant will be celebrating 25 years of wonderful dinners, family, friends old and new and the spice of life. The big party will be held Novemeber 18th and you’re invited! Bring your dance shoes and plan to have a great time while also helping out Compassionate Chefs Cafe. It’s been a fantastic 25 years and we can’t wait to see what the next quarter century holds.