Happenings for December

Compassionate Chefs Cafe hosted another great party!

A more intimate group of people gathered at the Compassionate Chefs Cafe on December 8 for food, drinks, henna and dancing. $4555 was raised, and we would like to ask your help in reaching our goal of $6000.
This year is especially important, since the home of the Tenderloin After School Program suffered a fire. The program has re-located to another spot and is working on rebuilding. They hope to be in their permenent home in about a year. As always, 100% of the funds raised are split evenly between TASP and the Ghandi Ashram of Ahmedabad, with nothing held back for expenses. Look for our next event in May 2014!
Compassionate Chefs Cafe.

New Year’s Eve with New Delhi Restaurant

Do you have plans for ringing in 2014? New Delhi Restaurant will be hosting their usual sparkly Indian event.
Make your reservations now for a night of wonderful food and atmosphere. Reservations can be made here. Don’t wait, do it now.
Link to the Menu(pdf) and pricing here.
In addition, New Delhi Restaurant will be providing the appetizers at a Bollywood New Year’s Eve party at the Minna Gallery with BombayLove. Tickets and event details are available here.

Vintage Glam Bollywood Style Party

Save the date: February 7th, 2014. For details email Ranjan

New Delhi Restaurant Introduces the Mindfully Eating Workshops

January marks the start of the wellness and intent season

On Friday, January 17th, The New Delhi Restaurant will hold its first “Mindfully Eating” workshop. After two years of planning, this workshop series will launch with guide Vinita Jacinto conducting the workshops for groups of ten. The focus of each workshop is for the participants to learn to savor each moment of their eating experiences and Be Transformed!

“Eating is something we do every day,” say’s Ranjan Dey, “but with the frantic pace of modern life, we have forgotten how to experience the finer details of each dish or morsel. Enjoying a meal should be almost like taking a mini-vacation. It should rest you, relax you, and spiritually enrich you.”

What Else Is Going On?
Much more info and witty rejoinders can be found at our Facebook page. Like us and good things will come your way.
New Delhi Restaurant on Facebook

Membership has its privileges: Maharaja Club members receive 20% off their meals in addition to other benefits. Ask how you can join.

Indian Wedding Catering Trends 2014

Chef Ranjan was the keynote speaker at the Silicon Valley NACE meeting. The focus was 2014 Indian Wedding Trends and was held at the beautiful Villa Montalvo at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA.

There was lots of blues, purples, golds and magentas; along with bhranga dancers, amazing table displays, great food and beautiful saris on lovely models. The 2014 Indian wedding season will be stunning!

You can see more pics and read two other reviews of the evening at Divine Affair Events.com and at Indian Weddings Magazine.com.

Bollywood Dance Party! Dec 8.

Bollywood Dance Party!

This project is to complete the full circle of the Ekatva journey.
Our goal is to take 16 kids and five chaperons from TASP to visit the kids of Ekatva at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India in 2015- 2016. Compassionate Chefs Cafe has already raised $20,000 towards this project. Our goal is to raise $60,000 this year. With your support and generous donation we will reach much closer to the goal.
We are in constant touch with Nimo from Ekatva to help create an organic process to this journey.
The main idea is to create a greater good objective of the spirit of Global citizenship through a dance-drama program. This will start locally first and grow into a city and state wide effort culminating into a trip to visit our brothers and sisters across the ocean in Gandhi Ashram.
The essence of this project is following the foot steps of Ekatva with guidance from Nimo through Laura, the Program Director of Tenderloin After School Program. ~ Ranjan Dey

Sunday, December 8, 2013 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm
New Delhi Restaurant and Bar
160 Ellis St, San Francisco
Phone: 415.397.8470

This event is our gift to you. We are hoping this will influence you to help uplift the lives of less
fortunate children both at the Tenderloin After School Program and at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

Pay as much as you like: [ ] $50, [ ] $100, [ ] $250, [ ] $500, suggested minimum donation is $50 per person.
Parking at Nikko for $15, located on the corner of Ellis and Mason, compliments of
Orhan Kaplankiran and www.hpmofamerica.com

Buff Your Karma

New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating by transforming into the Compassionate Chefs Cafe. Our goal has always been to help kids become citizens of the world – by connecting kids across the street in the Tenderloin of San Francisco with kids across the ocean at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. Please join us in this celebration to help us help the children become global citizens.
To RSVP: email Ranjan.

How To Donate

This is a Pay-it-Forward event and we only ask that you donate what you feel moved to give. Suggested
donations are $50 per person. All funds are split evenly between the Tenderloin After School Program and the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Compassionate Chefs Cafe keeps back nothing for operating expenses;
all goods and services are donated.
Your donation is fully tax deductible. (Non-Profit Tax ID 94-3136771)

Feast Your Eyes & Ears

Entertainment for the evening will be provided by Electric Vardo Live featuring DJ AMAR with dance performances by DholRhythms. Also sharing their talents for the evening are henna artists from Henna Gardens and beauty queens from the Miss Asian America Pageant. Event photography will be provided by Anita Mokashi.

DJ Amar


Miss Asian America Pagent

Henna Gardens

Feast Your Tastebuds

Gourmet food and fabulous libations! Enjoy Chef Ranjan’s non-stop ten course gourmet Indian buffet, featuring delicacies and delights, desserts and drinks. On the table you will discover bari pakoras, mini samosas, Hariyali Tikka, Seekh Keebab, Murg Akbari, Gulab Jamun along with lots of other delicious goodies.

Bring an appetite, leave happy.

Who You’ll Help

The kids head to New Delhi Restaurant for lunch and lots of dancing during their 2012 visit.

Compassionate Chefs has a long tradition of helping kids both across the street in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and across the ocean in the Gandhi Ashram of Ahmedabad. In 2012, we achieved one of our long-term goals of helping less fortunate kids become citizens of the world by bringing kids from India to the United States.

Sixteen children from the slums of Ahmedabad got to tour America, perform before thousands of people and meet kids from the Tenderloin After School Program right here in San Francisco. This was a goal Compassionate Chefs had set from the very beginning and we were thrilled to reach it with your help.

This year’s project is to send kids from San Francisco to Ahmedabad. We have a date of 2015-16 as our goal and the fundraising begins right now. As always, 100% of money raised goes to the kids, with nothing held back for expenses and all donations are tax deductible. We are grateful for your continuing support.

More dancing and proof that hiphop is the universal language of kids.

Across The Street

The Tenderloin After School Program was created to give the kids of the Tenderloin a safe place to be after school while their parents worked. They provide snacks, homework help, activities and other support to over 200 children.

TASP is proud of their first class of “graduates” – kids who have been in the program and are now entering college – some are the first in their families to attend. To learn more about the Tenderloin After School Program, visit their website: Tenderloin After School Program

Across The Ocean
About 1 out of every 6 human beings on this planet lives in a third world slum. Slum life has many challenges including heavy population density, poor infrastructure, low income, illiteracy, scarcity of food, and a diverse array of health and sanitation issues, amongst the many others.

The EKATVA children are ambassadors of the potential and spirit of those 1 billion human beings around the globe who must constantly struggle to overcome difficulties and challenges that arise from their lack of resources. But yet there is hope.

Through this journey we hope to spread seeds of goodness and compassion throughout the world and inspire our global citizens to serve and care for those in need.
More about Compassionate Chefs Cafe here.

News from New Delhi Restaurant

Happy Diwali from New Delhi Restaurant!

Time to celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights

Diwali is typically celebrated in autumn, when the days start to get shorter. It is a five day festival marked by spending time with family, wearing new clothes, eating sweets and lighting candles. Lots and lots of candles. The light is to signify the triumph of good over evil – something we could all use a reminder of now and again.
In addition to Diwali, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 28th. Don’t wait until then to start being thankful. Beat the rush and say thanks now!

New Delhi Restaurant will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so our staff can enjoy the day with their families. We’ll see you on November 29th.

So Scary You’ll Be Speechless

New Delhi Restaurant is the only Indian restaurant in San Francisco serving the awes-inspiring Ghost Chili – the hottest chili pepper on Earth. We invite you to celebrate Halloween by biting into one of these.

Also, if you say the magic word: Khulja Simsim (Open Sesame in Hindi), you’ll receive a free dessert!

Ghost Chili’s Wikipedia page

You Have Plans For Dec. 8th

Photo Credit – Non Stop Bhangra

Ranjan and New Delhi Restaurant are hosting their annual Compassionate Chef’s Bollywood Dance Party on Dec. 8th.
Last year, New Delhi Restaurant was delighted to host the Ekatva tour – sixteen children from the slums of Ahmedabad who performed all over the US. Now we are raising funds to send children from the Tenderloin After School Program to visit their new friends in India. Help us create the next generation of global citizens.

What Else Is Going On?

Check out the details for the next Curry Trails excursion. A trip to India led by chefs! What could be better? CurryTrails.com

Have co-workers? Do they get hungry? New Delhi Restaurant will feed them at your place or ours.
New Delhi Restaurant catering

Much more info and witty rejoinders can be found at our Facebook page. Like us and good things will come your way.
New Delhi Restaurant on Facebook

Membership has its privileges: Maharaja Club members receive 20% off their meals in addition to other benefits. Ask how you can join.

Curries and chilies and more New Delhi Restaurant

A Spooky Halloween Chili at New Delhi Restaurant

The scariest thing you will ever put in your mouth.

New Delhi Restaurant is ushering in autumn and Halloween by serving up the infamous ghost chili.

The ghost chili is possibly the hottest chili around and has also been used as a non-lethal – but extremely effective – weapon. Native to India, the ghost chili is an interspecies hybrid of an Indian pepper and a Chinese variety.

New Delhi Restaurant is the only Indian restaurant in San Francisco with the ghost chili on the menu. Order it if you dare!

October Special

Kashmiri Corn and Spinach Curry

Pumpkin and Shrimp with a side of Ghost Chili

Naan bread and Saffron Rice with Raitia to cool you down

Cocktail special: The Delhi Walla – A lemon drop with an Indian attitude

$18.95 (Maharaja Club members receive 20% off.)

Happy Birthday Mr. Gandhi!

Mahatma Gandhi’s 144th birthday is on October 2nd. Celebrate his life in a peaceful and loving way. Perhaps with some naan bread.

Gandi’s Wikipedia page

What Else Is Going On?

Ranjan and a bunch of lucky people are going to India this month. Get in line for the 2014 trip. www.CurryTrails.com

Get your Bollywood Boogie on! Compassionate Chefs Cafe annual dance party is November 17th.

Have co-workers? Do they get hungry? New Delhi Restaurant will feed them at your place or ours.
New Delhi Restaurant catering

Much more info and witty rejoinders can be found at our Facebook page. Like us and good things will come your way.
New Delhi Restaurant on Facebook

Membership has its privileges: Maharaja Club members receive 20% off their meals in addition to other benefits. Ask how you can join.

July Updates and News

Updates and News from New Delhi Restaurant

Ranjan, Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng and Dr. Konrad Ng

There is still room to join Ranjan in India

The Curry Trails trip has five seats left. Now is a great time to reserve your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime nine day Culinary Cultural Adventure with Chefs Ranjan, Vinita and Anagha. We will be visiting India’s Golden Triangle, including the cities of Delhi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur. Visit www.CurryTrails.com for more details and to reserve your space.

President Obama’s sister, Maya came for lunch
The Smithsonian Institue is launching its new Indian American Heritage Project and they kicked things off June 29th at New Delhi Restaurant. For the first time in the Smithsonian’s history, they will be featuring Indian Americans and their contribution to America. Two of the featured speakers for the event were Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng and her husband – director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center – Dr. Konrad Ng. We were delighted to host this signficant event and Ranjan is equally delighted to be a contributer to the Center’s website.

What Else We’ve Been Doing…
New Delhi Restaurant has been all over the place. We catered an Indian wedding at Trentadue Winery in the beautiful Alexander Valley. We led some very game people at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale through A Spicy Affair (not that kind). Finally, we teamed up with Dhol Rhythms for a very rocking Sangeet party (video). Follow Ranjan Dey on Facebook for even more color and flavor.

Ranjan is going to India! And you can too!

Photo by Sharon Vaknin

Ranjan Dey, the outgoing chef-owner of the 26-year-old New Delhi Restaurant in San Francisco and host of the My India special on PBS, is leading Curry Trails, a nine-day exploration of India from September 14-22. The itinerary includes travel to and extensive food research (aka eating and learning to cook) in five Northern India cities: Delhi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Agra and Jaipur. There is room for about 24 people, and spaces are filling up so fast they’re already at least half gone. Inclusive rates start at $3995.

By Tamara Palmer 

Photo by Sharon Vaknin