Legends & Legacys Wine Maker’s Dinner

In celebration of New Delhi Restaurant’s 30th anniversary, Chef Ranjan Dey will be taking guests on an incredible journey through the exotic flavors of New Delhi Restaurant, with sumptuous wines from Haraszthy Family Cellars. Co-hosted by winemaker Vallejo “Val” Haraszthy, the Legends and Legacy Wine Maker Dinner, held Thursday, July 6th at 6:30 PM, will feature dishes made with a unique blend of 30 spices in tribute to New Delhi Restaurant’s milestone. Val’s enthusiastic discussions of world class wine will enhance Chef Ranjan Dey’s exciting stories of the origins behind each dish. Val is the great grandson of Agoston Haraszthy, who built what is considered California’s first winery – the Buena Vista Winery, in Sonoma in 1857.

As part of New Delhi Restaurant’s charity arm, Compassionate Chefs Café, the proceeds of the accompanying silent auction will go to the children of San Francisco’s Tenderloin After School Program and Gandhi Ashram in Manav Sadhna, India. The auction items are a beautiful work of original art depicting a scene from the Madhushaalaa Collection – The House of Wine, painted by famous artist Uma Shankar of Jaipur, India and a three-liter bottle of wine from Val’s private collection!

Join us for a night of delectable food and wine, to celebrate New Delhi Restaurant’s 30th anniversary, and contribute to a good cause! The dinner is $125 per person, inclusive of 8.5% tax and 18% service charge. Purchase tickets via Eventbrite.

The Menu

Mazadaar Shuruaat (Beginnings)

Vegetable Chop – Tasty Bengali vegetable croquettes with spicy tomato sauce

2015 Bearitage Lodi Sauvignon Blanc – Haraszthy Family Cellars

Mukhya Bhojon (Mains)

Alu Posto – Flavorful Bengali potatoes with ground poppy seed and spices

Kosha Murgir Mangsho- Spicy Bengali chicken curry cooked in mustard oil and masala

Vegetarian option available

Bengali Tomato and Date chutney

Steamed Basmati Rice

2015 Bearitage Zinfandel Amador County – Haraszthy Family Cellars

Mithai Aur Chai (Dessert & Tea)

Lal Gurrer Payesh – Creamy Bengali Rice Pudding with Molasses & Raisins

Masala Chai

2015 Bearitage Lodi Red Wine – Haraszthy Family Cellars

Purchase tickets via Eventbrite.

February Wine Maker’s Dinner

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featuring Robert Hall Winery & New Delhi Restaurant

Join us for a one of a kind Wine Dinner Adventure. Your taste buds will be taken on an incredible journey from the sumptuous wines of Robert Hall Winery, to the exotic flavors of New Delhi Restaurant. Your hosts will be Winemaker Don Brady and Chef Ranjan Dey. A beautiful original painting by famous artist, Uma Shankar of Jaipur, India will be the showcase of the evening. As you stimulate your palate, wining and dining, let your eyes feast on the work of art that depicts glimpses of the poems from the Madhushaalaa Collection – The House Of Wine. Don Brady’s enthusiasm for making world class wines will dazzle the evening while Chef Ranjan Dey dances around the dining room, sharing the exciting stories behind each and every dish on your table.

$125 per person
inclusive of 8.75% tax and 18% service charge

There will be a poetry reading about the original painting featured in the evening’s silent action. All proceeds from the auction will benefit 300 children across the street at San Francisco’s Tenderloin After School Program and 300 children across the ocean at the Gandhi Ashram with Manav Sadhna, India. Our mission with our ongoing support and programs is to help these children connect with each other and become global citizens like you and me. To learn more, please speak with Chef Ranjan Dey or visit www.CompassionateChefs.org


Mazadaar Shuruaat (Beginnings)
Mixed salad and herb greens topped with heirloom tomatoes and lentil crispsserved with Hibiscus-Tamarind infused dressing
2014 Rose de Robles – Paso Robles – Robert Hall Winery

Mukhya Bhojon (Mains)
Sweet & Tangy Cauliflower Masala with Cumin Tarkaserved with Saffron Idlis, and Cherry & Purple Poppy seed chutney
2014 Sauvignon Blanc – Paso Robles – Robert Hall Winery

Benarasi Gosht Mattar Ghugni
A specialty from the 3000 year old ancient city of BenarasSpicy garlic green peas with boneless lamb and potatoes served with Basmati rice and Nan bread
2012 Petite Sirah – Paso Robles – Brady Vineyard

Mithai Aur Chai (Dessert & Tea)
Chocolate Samosas with home-made Pistachio Kulfi Icecream
Masala Chai
2014 Orange Muscat – Paso Robles – Robert Hall Winery

New Delhi Restaurant – 160 Ellis Street – San Francisco, CA 94102
Friday, February 26th, 2016 – Door Opens 6:30pm – Dinner Seating 7:00pm

*All purchases of tickets are final. There are no refunds or cancellations.

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Calcutta Lemon Mustard Curry

Delhi Digest: Featuring Calcutta Lemon Mustard Curry from New World Spices – November 2007

Featured Dish of the Month

Calcutta Lemon Mustard Fish Curry and Mustard Gobi (Vegetable)

For the month of December, get 25% off Calcutta Lemon Mustard Fish Curry (regular price $16.95) and Mustard Gobi (regular price $14.95)

Anthony Hopkins with Ranjan Dey
Anthony Hopkins with Ranjan Dey

A flavorful lemon mustard cooked with onions and jalapenos is the perfect dish for cold winter nights. We recommend pairing it with a chilled Reisling.

Lemon is a favorite flavor for fish and tastes great mixed with sugar and water on a hot day. It has also long been a staple of Indian cuisine. The very first cultivated lemon tree is believed to have been grown in Assam, India. There are records of lemons being consumed all the way back in the tenth century. Today, we like lemon in all kinds of things, but the Calcutta Lemon Mustard Fish Curry below is definitely at the top of the list.

Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins enjoyed this dish the last time he visited New Delhi Restaurant and now you can too!

Visit NewWorldSpices.com for more recipes.

Calcutta Lemon Mustard Fish Curry

Calcutta Lemon Mustard Fish Curry
Calcutta Lemon Mustard Fish Curry


3 tbsp – Calcutta Lemon Mustard Curry
2 lbs – Your favorite fish fillets
1 1/4 cups – Plain yogurt, beaten
2 tbsp – Sugar
2 tbsp – Vegetable oil
Lemon slices


Mix all ingredients and Calcutta Lemon Mustard Curry in a pot. Bring it to a boil. Cover tightly and cook on medium to low heat for about 10 minutes or until done. Remove fish. Simmer sauce to a coating consistency. Pour sauce over the fish in the serving dish. Garnish with sliced lemon and serve with Sweet & Tangy Mango Soup, Bombay Saffron Rice, and pita bread. Add an optional 1/6 tsp of corn flour for a smoother consistency.

Calcutta Lemon Mustard Curry


This blend is created in honor of Maharani of Kutch Behar (1887) who encouraged the emancipation of women in Bengal. Her favorite dish was “Steamed Lemon Mustard Fish Curry”.

Spice Ingredients

Brown Mustard, Lemon juice powder, Jalapeno powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder, Salt, Cardamom powder, Paprika powder, Garlic powder, Cumin powder, Fenugreek powder, Ginger powder, Red Chili powder, Cinnamon powder, Clove powder, Nutmeg powder, and Mace powder.

Lemon Branches

The average lemon has about three tablespoons of juice in it, which is easier to extract if the lemon is at room temperature. Lemon juice is also a great meat tenderizer and can be used to neutralize odors. It has lots of Vitamin C and is thought to be helpful in reducing cancer. The scent of lemon essential oil has been found to reduce stress and a drop of lemon juice in a cup of hot water is thought to help the liver. No matter what you need it for, keep plenty of lemons handy.


Compassionate Chefs Cafe

Thank you for making the first Food And Beverage Industry Extravaganza at CCC a resounding success!

We raised over $16,000 and still counting.

Please visit CompassionateChefs.org to donate, read the full blog post, and view the photogallery of the event!



Signature Events

Birthday Royalty

Do you want to throw a party everyone will remember? The best way to do that is to let us turn our elegant dining room into a royal chamber that will leave you amazed. You pick the custom menu, we lay out all the finery right down to the rose petal strewn table. All you have to do is show up looking your royal best and have the time of your life.

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