New Delhi Restaurant: Home of the Ghost Chili

Thrillist came to visit, and here’s what they said:

If you thought Chili Davis was as hot as it gets, prepare to have your mind melted by heading to this Maharajah-decor’d Indian joint on any Wednesday night, mentioning Thrillist, and then instantly regretting it when they hook you up with a taste of their just-procured hottest chili pepper in the world — the Ghost — which is four times spicier than the hottest habanero, and has to be pulled from a locked back vault, handled with gloves, and blended into a mouth-assaulting paste served with naan. And now you’ve got a great first date idea!

Go here to see the video!

First bite. So far, so good.

Second bite. The heat is kicking in.

Third bite of the ghost chili.
Third bite of the ghost chili.

Earth Day! Drink up!

Make New Delhi Restaurant a part of your Earth Day celebrations by enjoying our signature Earth Day cocktail available only on April 22: The Rangpur Chill. Fresh cucumber and Indian green chilies are muddled and shaken over ice with Tanqueray gin. Served ice cold and straight up, this hot and cool drink is perfect for tantalizing your taste buds!


Happy Indian Republic Day!

Today in 1950, India ratified it’s very first constitution making it an official Republic, with Rajendra Prasad as that the first president.

Congratulations and here’s to another 62 years of government!

Check out one of the many Republic Day parades in India.


Delhi Digest: January 2012

A Five Star Day with the Four Seasons Hotel
and New Delhi Restaurant

New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating our elite wedding catering partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Read all the details in the Four Seasons wedding newsletter. We will be the exclusive Indian caterer at the Four Seasons’ annual wedding fair – A Five Star Afternoon on January 22 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Verdana Ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

New Delhi Restaurant and SF City Hall Pair Up

“San Francisco City Hall Events Department is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the critic’s choice for Indian restaurants in San Francisco – New Delhi!” –Elsie D. McAteer

New Delhi Restaurant is the official Indian caterer for San Francisco City Hall! We’re excited to be part of this historic venue and look forward to many beautiful events and memories. Visit the City Hall website for more information.

Speaking of Weddings….

In July, the New Delhi Restaurant family hosted the wedding of Ranjan’s oldest daughter, Sarah.

has photos and details of the big event.

A Journey with New Delhi Restaurant

Hyderabad is the second largest city in India and is the gateway between North and South India. Sitting on the shores of Hussain Sagar Lake, it is on it’s way to becoming the technology capital of India – Google, Oracle and Microsoft all have headquarters here – explaining its nickname of “Cyberabad”. Hyderabad has recently undergone a facelift, laying out new wide streets, an expressway, and constructing an office park to hold the new companies moving in. However, despite the changes, the old city of Hyderabad continues on.

Spices and Seafood

Hyderabad is a melting plot of cultures and cuisines. Spices from China and the South Pacific blend with Indian curries and the local seafood.
Sample this tasty melange for yourself in our Lemon Mustard Fish Curry and Mustard Gobi
Featured Dish of the Month
Lemon Mustard Fish Curry and Mustard Gobi (Vegetarian)
For the month of January, get 25% off Lemon Mustard Fish Curry (regular price $16.95)
and Mustard Gobi (regular price $14.95)
– Flavorful lemon mustard cooked with onions and jalapenos. Spicy and delicious. We recommend pairing it with a Reisling.
To make your reservation, click here.

Horses and Hyderabad

Aside from world class cricket and field hocky stadiums, Hyderabad is also home to one of the premier horse racing tracks in India. Started by the Nizams (administrators of the realm) in 1865, it was moved to it’s current location a year later when the current Nizam wanted it closer to his palace. It is also home to the annual Deccan Derby, held every year.

Go Wild Bollywood Style!
Bollywood (fusion word from Bombay and Hollywood) music and dance has become the most popular
international entertainment. Usually set to catchy beat, these scintillating numbers portray the
fusion of several dance forms. This is a new genre of dance that is making its presence more strongly
felt in modern day parties.

Your Bollywood Dance Party comes complete with our inhouse DJ, sound system, dance directions and
optional Bollywood movie screening along with the heart thumping and blood-pumping dance music.
It is a magical and memorable night where you can boogie Bombay style.
Find out more about our Signature Events

Music From Around the World

One of the best things about Compassionate Chefs Cafe is seeing – and hearing – the results of our hard work. Our fundraising last year allowed American musicians to travel to India to teach drumming and other skills to the children of the Ghandi Ashram. The results were recorded and brought to the children at the Tenderloin After School Program. Their musical skills were also recorded and combined into a true World Music composition.

We’re looking forward to seeing what they do next. Find out how you can help. Compassionate Chefs Cafe

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Ranjan takes the stage

Chef Ranjan will be speaking at the Commonwealth Club as part of their month-long India Now series: a collection of presentations and forums focusing on the culture, past and future of India.

Ranjan will be hosting a “Spices of India Cooking and Henna Party” where he will demonstrate his famous “speed-scratch” cooking technique, explain Indian cuisine and introduce the beautiful and fascinating art of henna designs.

If you always found Indian food too complicated to attempt at home, then this event is for you. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here: Spices of India Cooking and Henna Party at the Commonwealth Club.