Get Ready to Get Colorful!

The big Holi party is this this Saturday and we’re excited to see everyone there!

Here’s a few things you should know about Holi:

1) You are going to get messy. And that’s ok! Wear something you don’t care about because it’s going to be colorful forever. For the best photos, wear white.

2) Bring garbage bags to cover your car seat for the ride home. You’re going to Holi, your upholstery isn’t.

3) Bring extra bags for whatever you’re wearing and possibly a change of clothes. Did we mention that the colors get everywhere? Because they totally do.

4) Bring towels, a spray bottle of water and some wipes to get the colors off your skin and hair. The colors won’t stain your skin, but you probably don’t want to accidentally rub them in your eyes either.

Let’s have a colorful day!!